Gamers Seth Cheek and Chris Kohler play a lot of co-op video games. They've decided to start recording their games (including their chat audio) and share them with the world. Every Sunday, a new video highlighting a co-op game of their choice will appear here, showing off their often humorus online adventures.

Our Thoughts

Next-Gen is coming…

Chris and I will be making the next-gen leap later this year.. but we're not abandoning our current-generation systems. In fact, given that we can't each afford two next-gen systems, we'll probably not be able to record much new, unless it can do split-screen. For more on that, click the "Next Gen Fund" tab up top.

But for now, we're going to keep playing on our Xbox 360's, PS3's and any other gaming systems we can make work. This will be the first console shift for us. We've been making this show for three years now, but both systems launched years before we started recording.

We truly appreciate you watching us, and pushing us to more than 8 million views and 18,000 subscribers since our first show, "Splinter Cell: Double Agent", in January of 2010.

— Seth

Posted: June 2, 2013