Gamers Seth Cheek and Chris Kohler play a lot of co-op video games. They've decided to start recording their games (including their chat audio) and share them with the world. Every Sunday, a new video highlighting a co-op game of their choice will appear here, showing off their often humorus online adventures.

Our Thoughts

Thanks to several viewers' alerts, we found out our Donate page was busted. Thanks to everyone who let us know.

Our show is helped made possible by donations from our viewers, who help build up the funds to rent/purchase games, as well as buy hardware we use to record and edit the shows each week.

If you enjoy the show and feel like returning the favor with a contribution, please use the donation button to the right. We like to recognize our contributors at the end of each show, so if you do not wish to have your name listed, please note that in the comments field.

Thanks for watching, and thanks for donating!

— Seth

Posted: June 30, 2014